Every1Mobile: Mobile Apps for Change in Developing Countries


In this episode, we’re talking with Lisa Basel, the Head of Technical Services at Every1Mobile, in the company’s Cape Town office. Every1Mobile develops a variety of digital and mobile applications for social change in developing countries, including projects for economic empowerment, gender equality, and improved health. We discuss how building apps for developing countries is different, how to bring about behavioral change, processes for effective tech teams, and more.

(Apologies for the rustling sounds in the recording.)


“If your budget for food is equivalent to what [the cost of] your data is, you're not going to be buying data.”

“Sometimes we think a cute app is going to make a difference, where we don't realize that they can't afford the data, and those are the misjudgments that we make. So, in really understanding how technology can be used, we really need to understand what the root problem is.”

“I keep saying to my developers because I ask you, or somebody asks you to do it, doesn't mean you should. You need to understand why you're doing it, and what is the impact of it, and how it's really going to help the end user.”

“For my team, success is that collaboration and that innovation that comes out with them when they're buzzing on trying to solve those problems.”

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