Pula: Insurance for Farmers

In this episode, we’re in Nairobi talking with Sitati Kituyi, the CTO of Pula, about building technology-enabled agricultural insurance to protect small holder farmers across Africa and Asia. We discuss the challenges of creating systems that work well across many diverse countries and clients, how to deal with lack of internet connectivity, and when to use existing tools rather than building your own.


“When you go and buy a TV, you assume that if it doesn’t work tomorrow night, of course I’m going to go back to the store and tell them, ‘This thing is broken, give me another.’ This is still a fairly novel idea for agricultural inputs.”

“So many people in the world don’t have email addresses, so many people in the world have never owned a bank account or a credit card, even people who could be paying customers… There’s a lot of software that I see that excludes them not by any deliberate action, but just by not knowing that there’s a set of assumptions that doesn’t apply to the rest of the world.”

“If a registration agent is out in the field registering farmers and has no internet connectivity, you don’t know how long it’s going to be before they’re able to get back online.”

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  • To learn more about Pula, check out their website at pula.io.

Julia Neidert